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The Man Who Cried Wolf. Who's Afraid of Robert Wolf? Wolf Attacks in Cenla. -or- How to Misunderstand and Malign a Man in Thirty Minutes The Town Talk and KALB are both running with this story about Robert Wolf's opposition of a proposed ordinance to create a special zoning exception for a couple of single family homes in the Garden District. Personally, I think this is much ado about nothing, as long as they can define the exception in very narrow, limiting language. And considering the way the Town Talk first reported this story, it seems like Mr. Wolf doesn't mind his new neighbors; he just wants to make sure that a change in zoning wouldn't compromise the value of his home. If I recall correctly, the city set up stringent zoning codes for the building that houses the Adult Emporium on Masonic Drive, and I believe there is even a line in there about the city's first right of refusal on a change in the lease agreement (or something like that. Maybe someone else can clarify this). If they can do this for the Adult Emporium, they can certainly do this for those two properties. Mr. Wolf is completely within his rights as a neighbor, a concerned citizen, and an experienced real estate broker and developer. This isn't a story about Mr. Wolf taking on a bunch of nuns, though I can certainly understand why it would be played that way. "I am opposed to rezoning," Wolf said. "I'm not opposed to nuns using the project. They are good neighbors." But it's important to understand that a change in ownership could affect the neighborhood unless the proposed ordinance provides safeguards against this. There's another story here. The Town Talk's website has given this story its own thread in which readers are encouraged to e-mail their responses, which are then posted by a moderator. The original story, written by Jim Leggett, was very clear on the facts. The headline, which I understand is typically written by an editor, may have been a little misleading ("Hurricane-displaced nuns fighting to stay in new Alexandria homes"), because the possibility of these nuns being kicked out of their new homes is extremely remote. But the article was deliberate. Mr. Leggett writes, "Wolf said he doesn't object to the nuns, but he does object to the way the city has handled the matter." Perhaps this is actually a story about government incompetence. Either way, it's highly unlikely these nuns will be forced to sale; a compromise seems inevitable. That's why the online story and thread are reckless. The headline ("Should New Orleans nuns be allowed to stay in their home on Georges Lane?) implies that a resident of Georges Lane, Mr. Wolf, is attempting to kick them out of their own home. Remember, there's another home on Elliott Street; this isn't just about Georges Lane. Readers have been pouring in support for these nuns all day long. Everyone supports the nuns. Of course. I support the nuns. Mr. Wolf supports the nuns. But because the Town Talk has set up this battle between Robert Wolf and these nuns, their readers have been writing in and slamming Mr. Wolf, and the Town Talk has faithfully published a number of these comments, some of which are anonymous. (Remember Sound Off, anyone?). Now, I know the Town Talk isn't responsible for what other people chose to say, but it is their responsibility to clearly explain this story to the public. Mr. Leggett's story seemed pretty balanced, but the follow-up story and thread are irresponsible.