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Landmark Pawn Shop and Nail Salon No one's mentioned this story yet, but it attracted a lot of attention during yesterday's Council meeting. Jimmie DeRamus is attempting to persuade our local government to change the zoning status of a home he recently purchased on Horseshoe Drive. The home is located very close to the entrances of Cherokee Village, Tennyson Oaks, and Landmark. Mr. DeRamus would like to build a 9,000 square foot commercial building on the property, housing, among other things, a nail salon and a pawn shop (correct me if I am wrong). The neighbors aren't too happy. And I'm just bewildered. I can understand wanting to tear down the house. The home site is apparently three acres, and that's a lot of land in the middle of town. But a pawn shop? Update: This has obviously attracted a lot of attention, including direct responses from Mr. DeRamus himself, who claims that his intentions have been misstated. Yesterday, I spoke with Mr. DeRamus on the phone in order to hear his version of events. I also apologized to Mr. DeRamus for any role I had in facilitating the disparaging remarks that were made toward his family. Mr. DeRamus indicated that his family is undergoing a lot of stress, and I can certainly understand that, sometimes, when we are stressed out, we say things we don't mean. I want to state clearly that I relied on five independent sources, three neighbors and two individuals with close ties to local government officials. Obviously, we're still unclear about what this property would be used for if it is, in fact, rezoned. The use of this property is the central question behind the validity of the zoning change. Dollar General was mentioned as a potential buyer, and Mr. DeRamus claims this will not be allowed. Others, including my sources, assumed that Mr. DeRamus would be expanding his pawn business to this location. Mr. DeRamus claims this is also untrue. I refer to my initial post, in which I wrote that I should be corrected if I was wrong about my impression of the facts. It seems that a nail salon is a possibility, but a pawn shop is not. I also apologize to my readership for my delay in correcting this mistake. I am currently out of town, and this is the first opportunity I've had to access my blog. (I made the previous comments on a cell phone). End of story.