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This morning, anonymous people have attacked me, my mother, my grandmother, my late father, and my grandfather on the Cenla Antics blog. Why? I've said this before: I created this blog in order to share my experience and opinions of living in Central Louisiana. I never intended on opening up my family to the kind of vitriol and hatred that was expressed earlier on Cenla Antics. To my family, I am sorry that my willingness to speak my mind has allowed people to take target practice against all of us. But I'm not going to stop speaking just because a few bullies want to make it personal. To the person who said I need to start talking about other issues, I agree. I recognize that the downtown revitalization project is filled with empty political rhetoric and hollow dreams, and I know that the language has been the same for over twenty years. Throughout the next few weeks, I will begin focusing on other issues close to me. To the person who e-mailed me about my zodiac sign appearing on the blogspot profile page, readers need to know that I am not into astrology, I do not read my horoscope, and the only reason my zodiac appears is because Google (which owns Blogger) asked me for my birthday. Those crazy hippies. To the person who said I need to tone down by VH1 language, I appreciate the criticism, but this is my voice. My voice may change and evolve (I'm prone to making mistakes), but it is what it is. I'm young, and as a result, I tend to write with a specific voice. To the police department in Woodworth, c'mon guys, you're not fooling us with your talk of "following the letter of the law" and the idea that the inordinate number of tickets in your TINY little town doesn't profit the tiny little town in any substantial way. Let's just be honest about it.