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Recently on the Antics blog, there has been a lot of chatter about race in Alexandria from people who probably don't live in Alexandria. It is not my intention to fan the flames of any racist, but rather, to present readers with a glimpse into the voices that make up Central Louisiana. Let's get this out in the open so you know the kind of people we are dealing with. Racial politics is a huge topic of discussion here in Alexandria, and both sides are to blame for this. Many white people refuse to acknowledge ANY black government official as legitimate, even though Alexandria is majority African-American. And many black people in Alexandria exacerbate racial tensions by invoking "race" as the answer to every social dilemma. Anthropologists believe that every single member of a "racist society" is somehow socialized into being racist. There are varying degrees of racism, they say, but racism is a deeply ingrained (though socially constructed) characteristic of everyone in a "racist society." I think of this concept whenever I hear people who say, "Now, I'm not trying to be a racist, but...." The underlying message here is "It doesn't matter if you're not trying to be a racist; your culture has made you one, and you speak for your culture." Ultimately, a debate on race like the one in Cenla Antics is futile. It doesn't promise to solve any great problem, and it only shows the worst of us: the petty, the power-hungry, the jealous, and the ignorant. Perhaps, though, if we put this out in the open, and we tell people that this is not how to get their message across, then we can start building toward an understanding. Here are some of the more egregious comments made on Cenla Antics. These remarks are already in the public domain. I also want readers to understand that I do not support any of the comments below. To me, if you strip these comments of their hyperbole, you simply have the sad expressions of people jealous and hungry for control. By the way, I think there is room for a discussion on the direction of the black community, and many black leaders (Bill Cosby's recent remarks come to mind) have spoken out. But this discussion should not be conflated with local politics, because they are not the same issue. Alexandrians, you really shouldn't be talking like this in public. You're making us all of look like fools: Coutee is the "House Nigger" for the black political leaders of Alexandria. The "Preachers", the majority of the City Council, and the "Cibil Rights Leaders (I is the head of the local chapter of the NAACP eben if I is headen to Angola) and the areas largest bigoted white hater the Right Reverend from Woodsworth were never going to be happy until Cicardo was gone. Thinnest book in the world: "Blacks I have met while jogging" (This is intended to be a spin off of racist joke) We need to force the parades into the quarters so the Constituents don't have to go as far for all the free goodies and the location will reduce the number of Whitey's participating. Carolyn you need to understand that if your of caucasian ethnicity you are (in their eyes) a racist. Though you have never owned slaves, mistreated Afro-Americans, denied them their just due and rights you are racists. How else can the African Americans shuck personal responsibiloity for their actions. They must blame someone so they blame Whitey for everything from ingrown toenails to lunar eclipses. Being equal and helping their bretheren are the furtherest things from the minds of Myron, Smith, Hobbs, Sanders, Bridgette, etc. Their mantra is "Now it is my time." In case you havn't notice the Italian Comunity is not running the City the African community is.