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One final thing: Michele Godard is right. Although blogs may be the wave of the future, Cenla Antics will never be taken seriously among real news organizations because it doesn't hold itself to any standards. Any moron with a grudge can "report" something as real news, and he can do so ANONYMOUSLY. This is what Michele said. It's right on. "That’s the problem with anonymous (Encarta Dictionary: whose name is not known or not given)…the word itself is journalistically unethical because there is no source. At its heart someone needs to know the identity of the source. Remember Deep Throat. Three people knew who he was until recently. Rumors ruin people’s lives and are NOT journalism, they are just that, rumors with no factual evidence and neither the Town Talk, Northside Journal nor KALB will do the residents of this fine city any service by dignifying them with exposure. Put up or shut up, come out of the dark with your supposed “exclusive” stories and help your local media keep them (the corrupt officials you so want to bust) honest. It is at the heart of what a free society is built on."