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More Negative Press for Louisiana College Jim Leggett is reporting that four LC professors have "renewed" their lawsuit against the college, citing, among other things, that LC continues to violate the principles of academic freedom. (See previous posts on the definition of academic freedom and LC's responsibility to its shareholders). LC's attorney, Ted LeClercq, is attempting to downplay the allegations. He says this is just a "workplace dispute" and that these allegations are vague with no cause of action. But... that's not true. It turns out that Scott Peck's classic The Road Less Traveled is STILL banned at LC, despite the fact that the book was reinstated by both the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (that's the association that determines accreditation) and the Faculty Grievance Committee. I wonder if Joe Aguillard has even read The Road Less Traveled. If he had, he'd know that it's a harmless, wonderful book about the use of religion in the discourse of pyschology. The book was an international bestseller and remained on the NY Times Bestseller List for years. What worries me (and I assume these professors as well) is that if you ban a book like The Road Less Traveled, you're likely to ban anything that doesn't conform to your own personal religious views. And right after this story broke, the Town Talk published a letter from an LC student that lambasted Aguillard on his own terms. This is what you call imminent critique. Mr. Hand is building his argument within the context of Aguillard's religious beliefs. To: Dr. Joe Aguillard, Louisiana College:

I write to confront you regarding your decision to not renew Dean Thames' contract. Second, I decry your refusal to disclose your reasons for doing so. I write not in a spirit of anger or derision. Rather, I write as one who loves Louisiana College and the highest Christian values for which she has stood for 100 years. Dean Thames, as you already know, has tirelessly served her alma mater for over 20 years. Last fall, she was honored as a distinguished alumnus at Homecoming. She is loved by the students of LC. I have spoken with many students in the past few days, and even those who fell under disciplinary action by her decisions are shocked and profoundly saddened. In the three years that I have attended LC, she has been a unifying presence in an endless age of division. I appeal to you under I John 3:18 -- "Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action." The LC community deserves a complete and honest explanation for your actions. What you have done is not outside your authority, but it is outside the moral imperatives of scripture. Some may suggest that you do not need a reason for your actions, but such a message is Darwinian, and anything but biblical. You must understand: Dean Thames is a woman of strong Christian faith, which makes her your sister in Christ. To all public knowledge, she is above reproach, and innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, by acting in this loveless manner, you implicitly deny that she is your sister in Christ. Thus, you are making a liar of our God and undermining the spiritual unity of his church. I am fully aware that you acted according to the advice of your legal counsel. That is no excuse. Legal counsel should be taken seriously, but never may it be obeyed against the word of God. The Apostle James warns us against this very method, of professing to belong to God while looking to the fallen world for answers. Finally, let me make this plain: You have said and repeated many times that LC will seek in all things to lift up the name of Jesus. But until your actions are either sufficiently explained or rectified, they shall mock that glorious name and cripple our Christian witness more than any alcoholic beverage. As you listen to your lawyers, I remind you that a man reaps what he sows, and that what is whispered in darkness will ultimately be shouted from the rooftops. Therefore I urge you: don't be double-minded! Be unambiguously devoted to Christ in word and deed. As your brother in Christ, I charge you to unveil the light of truth, that LC may not be resigned to walk in darkness.

Paul Hand, Pineville