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More Blurbs for the Back Cover of My First Book: "My comments have never been anti-Lamar, however, I have questioned those who blindly follow a juvenile, who views the world through a pollyanna prisim." "Lamar is no more worthy of respect than any other self adsorbed child. This is not to say that he cannot earn the respect he craves, but he must pay his dues. To date he has not. He believes that his last name will garner instant acceptence. Sorry Lamar, it don't work that way." "Lamar Sr. was, in my humble opinion, never much of a factor in the big picture. Yet Jr. is trying so very hard to keep this line of attack/pity/attack going. Could this be Lamar's way of promoting Lamar?" "My question is why are we paying all of this attention to an insignificant child while Alexandria burns in the coils of the Snake? The Snake will eat Lamar for breakfast." First of all, pay my dues? What do you mean, my friend? What do you need me to do in order to earn your respect? Really. What else can I do to show you that I am being honest? Second, yes, I am only defending the attacks against my late father in order to promote myself. Look! You can put that sentence in quotes! (By the way, I'm being sarcastic). Honestly, I don't care if you think my father was a factor. You're talking about him right now, and it's been five years since he passed away. I only want people to leave him alone. Third, the snake is going to eat me for breakfast? I've read "snake" comments before on Cenla Antics. I think you're overextending this metaphor. Fourth, maybe I'm giving you more ammunition by responding to these comments, but at some point, you have to realize that the more you talk smack about me, the more people listen to me. To that end, thanks for the free publicity.