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The Fleecing of Alexandria: The basic story is this: The wife of our city's attorney created her own consultation company. This consultation company entered into a contract with the Alexandria Housing Authority. This company has been paid at the rate of $18,416 a month or $221,016 a year. Thus far, they have offered no explanation of the services that they have provided. I'm still waiting to hear two things: what they've done and why we've needed them. In other news, I enjoyed this letter in today's newspaper, which basically claimed that the President of LC should not be criticized, because, like God, he's an authority figure that should be respected by young people. I know I'm simplifying the letter, but it was just weird. This is one of my favorite quotes: "We charge people to abandon these pharisaical, relativistic, pseudo-intellectual perversions of the truth -- only then will LC be rid of the darkness." Hehe.