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Attack Ads and Fancy Platitudes: I think they're publishing my letter in tomorrow's paper. In other news... If I weren't a child, I'd probably understand why this person felt the need to write this anonymous letter. Perhaps because of my youthful naivete, I have no idea what point the writer is actually trying to express. Personally, I think the letter reads like a convoluted rant of platitudes and vaguely religious language posing as originality. That critique, I realize, is based on my subjective relationship with language. Criticism of this nature should be balanced with empirical data or evidence. To "we saw that." Jealous? Of what? Please enlighten me oh sage...what does Lamar or you have that anyone else would be desirous of?From your choice of words and their use, one would assume you are not an educated person. WeSawThat, I think the writer is very proud of his own education. It's an underhanded way of calling attention to the writer's own sense of intellectual superiority. Your thoughts betray your inexperience in dealing with the real world. You blather on with righteous indignation whenever someone, who is obviously your better, strips your facade and exposes your ineptitude. You, my sorry friend, are the epidome of a sheep.However, because I am somewhat enamored of those who are wandering the wasteland of yet found intellect, searching for a means to enlightenment, I will watch you from my lofty pearch and correct you when you need redirection. Lofty perch? Is this a joke? Dear writer, you wrote ANONYMOUSLY. You're obviously afraid of something. To the other Bloggers here, be kind to those who engage their "rapier-like-wit" before their brain. Their swords are short and dull. They do no damage. Take pity on them, and ignore their childish rantings.Liberal or conservative, Lamar is what he is...a child. He thinks as a child, and acts as a child. By defending him, you confirm that you are one of his flock, blindly following a Judus Goat.Baaaaa! Swords, rapier, "Judus Goat," sheep, rantings. Did you just finish reading the Chronicles of Narnia or something?