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Another Update on the Rove Story:
Wonkette, a blog I read and usually respect, is saying that this Rove story is probably bogus. Truthout, they say, isn't the most reputable source for truth. I like the way they put this:

Karl Rove Indicted, Everyone With a Blog to Get Their Own Unicorn

Dearest Readers:

“Truthout” is not quite the most trusted news source in our bloglines list. So, while they did announce on Saturday that Karl Rove has been indicted, we’re not particularly inclined to believe it, especially as it is now Monday, and not even Raw Story has picked it up. Sorry, better luck with your next bout of wishful (if slightly likely) speculation.

I guess we'll have to wait until Thursday to find out if this is true, but I'm pretty skeptical now. The guy may have glowing reviews, but like his buddy Greg Palast, he could be jumping the gun on this story. I remember listening to Greg Palast on NPR the day after the last Presidential election. He promised to report information suggesting "massive voter fraud and disenfranchisement in Ohio." I'm still waiting for that report. But considering the conversation we've been having about "blogs" being the "real" source of news, I think that, if anything, this Rove story will serve as an example of what is good and what is bad about the blogs.