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9/11 video tape, The Hotel Bentley, and Another Word on Racial Politics Today, the Department of Defense released a video of a plane crashing into the Pentagon. This is an important video, because its secrecy, up until today, formed the backbone of most 9/11 conspiracy theories. A few months after 9/11, a French book entitled 9/11: The Big Lie created quite a bit of controversy throughout Europe. Among other things, the book claimed that the Pentagon was actually hit by a missle. (I don't understand why this was such a "logical" theory, but it convinced a number of people nonetheless). Richard Clarke said something about government conspiracy theories the other day that made a lot of sense to me: 1. They assume the government works. 2. They assume the government can keep secrets. Both assumptions, he says, are foolish. Hopefully, this video will answer some of the questions people had about 9/11. The Hotel Bentley: Today, the Town Talk published a letter about Bob Dean's relationship with the city. I'd written a long entry on Dean about a month ago; it was also an attempt at seeing things through his eyes. I should say this: Knowing what I know now, I don't think there are any heroes in this saga. And I've always thought that 12.2 million is a ridiculous asking price, basically eliminating the possibility that any buyer could reasonably expect a return on their investment. Racial Politics: I caught some grief yesterday for copying what I consider to be racially inflammatory remarks on Cenla Antics. At least, I guess that's what I was catching grief over. Well, instead of making the issue about me (which seems to be an increasingly popular method of debate), why don't we make this substantive? I have some questions. I wasn't living in Alexandria when the Sonia Quarters shooting went down, but I've heard some absolutely crazy rumors. 1. Who was this young man and what made him so imminently dangerous? 2. Is it true that there is a "memorial" for this young man in Sonia Quarters? If so, what type of "memorial?" 3. Who organized the protests against the APD and what was their motivation? 4. Did the APD have an arrangement with this young man? (This is the rumor most often heard: That he was a drug dealer and the police received kickbacks. It sounds completely ridiculous to me, but people continue to say this). 5. Can we heal from this?