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"Unchanging Foundations in Changing Times" The Inauguration of President Joe Aguillard. Lifted from the pages of the program: President Joe Aguillard In January of 2005, Dr. Joe Aguillard was named Louisiana College's eighth president by the Board of Trustees. He assumed the duties of the office immediately and has been working tirelessly for his alma mater ever since. It sure seems like it took a long time to finally make this official. Perhaps this has something to do with that lawsuit. He is only the second alumnus of Louisiana College to serve as the school's president, following in the footsteps of the late Dr. G. Earl Guinn. I don't know who Dr. Guinn was, but I'm not sure Dr. Aguillard is following in anyone's footsteps. He seems to be blazing his own trail. Dr. Aguillard has been on faculty at Louisiana College since 2000, but his personal history with the College is a long and storied one. Both of Aguillard's parents attended Louisiana College and met at the liberal arts school. He and his wife met at Louisiana College, and all three of their daughters have attended their parent's alma mater. That TOTALLY makes him qualified! "My ties are very deep and very entwined with Louisiana College," Dr. Aguillard says. "The position is a sacred calling for me, and I will make decisions and guard my actions knowing that my work here is far beyond a career move." A sacred calling??? So God called him up and told him to become the Dean of LC? So God= The LC Board of Trustees? Holding an Ed.D from Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Aguillard and also holds two McNeese State University master's degrees and his bachelor's degree from Louisiana College. Prior to joining the Louisiana College faculty, he was the Superintendent of Schools of Beauregard Parish. Let's do a little fact finding. What, you ask, is an Ed.D from Nova Southeastern University? From the program's website:

The Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership program has been created to assist adult learners to meet both current and future leadership challenges facing their organizations. This program has been designed to address the needs of practitioners by linking theory to the best practices of leadership. The program is based on the conviction that contemporary leaders must learn to lead the change process so that services are effectively and efficiently delivered to an increasingly diverse population. Essentially, leaders must learn to lead change in the context of a turbulent economy and a rapidly developing technology for the 21st century.

The primary audience of this program will be individuals with background in human services, human resources, staff developers/trainers, military personnel, middle managers.

And the requirements of the degree are as follows:

Students must fulfill the following graduation requirements. 1. Attend Doctoral Student Orientation at NSU 2. Attend Summer Conference within the first year of admission into the program (required for all students entering as of fall 2004). 3. Attend and pass all core courses (30 credits) 4. Attend and pass all specialization courses (18 credits) - Please see the important announcement regarding the sunset of the DOL program. 5. Attend and pass all research courses (9 credits - Please see the important announcement regarding the phasing out of ARO courses.) 6. Successfully complete: -The applied dissertation seminar 1: concept paper (2 credits) -The applied dissertation seminar 2: proposal (4 credits) -The applied dissertation seminar 3: report (3 credits) 7. Be current in all tuition, fees, and miscellaneous charges (including books).

Total requirements: 66 credit hours (all requirements must be completed within five years from the date of the beginning of the term of entry).

Let me get this straight: They're calling this guy a doctor because he attended a FIVE YEAR LONG program for "adult" professionals (also known as "distance" or "continued" learning) who need leadership training because of the fast-paced world of "technology." Oh, and the guy got to learn what it is like to live in a world with a "diverse population."

How is he the most qualified person in the world? Did they even attempt to search for a dean? Or did they just promote another good ol' boy?

"Louisiana College stands in a unique position as an academic and spiritual 'Louisiana Treasure,'" Dr. Aguillard says. "With the full support of our alumni and Southern Baptist churches, our beloved LC will continue to grow in value as a gleaming treasure chest of opportunity for our children." Louisiana treasure? Treasure chest? Where's the rainbow? Dr. Aguillard has always a strong rapport with the student body. In 2004, he was named Professor of the Year, an award voted on by the student body at large. Look: Proof that students LOVE him. The Teacher Education Department, under Dr. Aguillard's leadership, received consistently high marks from the Louisiana Board of Regents, among others, and led the nation in percentage growth. He led a group of Louisiana College students in researching and writing the curriculum for the Heart of Spain art exhibit at the Alexandria Museum of Art in 2003. The curriculum was used by teachers and students throughout the world. This is just ridiculous. His claim to fame is assisting students in writing a curriculum for the Heart of Spain exhibit? Are you kidding me? His Teacher Education Department faculty adopted a conceptual framework relating to their Christian worldview that follows the Scripture, Ecclesiastes 4:12, which reads, "A cord of three strands is not easily broken." The Department uses this conceptual framework to describe a dynamic educator. This framework encompasses Christian service, mastery of subject matter, and the attributes of a practioner teacher. Of the "three strands," two include being a Christian. "The greatest strength that Louisiana College has is that we are unashamed to declare that all power in heaven and earth lies with Jesus Christ," Dr. Aguillard says. "As we are able to plug into that power, there is nothing too hard to do or accomplish." Everyone knows that in order to be admitted into LC, students MUST declare their allegiance to Jesus Christ. It's just like every other "liberal arts" college in the world. "Education in the truest sense is none other than the development of the image of God that is planted in every human being," Dr. Aguillard says. I think Socrates said the same thing. Or was it Plato? No, no, no, it was David Koresh. Dr. Aguillard says he envisions a Louisiana College with higher enrollment, financial stability, academic excellence, and Biblical values. "This will be the greatest liberal arts college the state has ever seen," he says. I literally laughed out loud the first time I read this. Dr. Aguillard and his wife, Judy, have three daughters, Jill Reid, Julie, and Jodi. Jill's husband, Will Reid, is also an LC alumnus. Rock.