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This is getting on track: (Posted earlier by WeSawThat) "the real cleco story they never bothered to report on was when mayor randolph a few months ago hired charlie weems to represent the city in the lawsuit the three guys he fired back in september had filed. how randolph got the authority to hire weems is unknown especially since the city already has its own in house attorney. we saw what happened in that weems removed the suit to federal court which conveniently both judges f a little jr and dee drell both came from the gold firm. by the way here's judge drell's resume from the department of justice website. of course neither one recused themselves which a most liberal interpretation of the canons of judicial conduct would seem to require. and it wound up that chambers, craig and williamson settled for peanuts." There you go! I believe there is a word for this: collusion. Thank you, WeSawThat for your meticulous research and your objectivity.