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Reposted comment for clarification purposes: To the LC professor: What are you talking about? Slanderous ramblings? SLANDEROUS? With all due respect, sir or madam, do you know the meaning of the word slander or are you simply hyperbolizing in order to make your point? That is a serious accusation. Where, I ask, did I committ the crime of slander? Professor, you should know that there is a difference between satire and slander. I do not know the man personally, and I am not attempting to make a value judgment of his character. I am simply reading what has been supplied to me, and these are the facts:1. Dr. Aguillard's "doctorate" degree is in organizational leadership and diversity training.2. His belief that this position is a "sacred calling" precludes any argument against him. It puts those who do not agree with him in a morally indefensible situation.3. THESE ARE HIS WORDS! I didn't make this up. 4. His C.V. (or at least the summary of it) does very little to address how and why he is the most qualified person to steward a liberal arts college.5. His three-fold concept of the academy and his magical treasure chest musings are antithetical to the concept of the academy. The academy is founded on the concept of the OPEN EXCHANGE OF IDEAS. If a college and its dean purport to change the basic underpinnings of the academy, they are announcing a paradigm shift in their pedagogy. I am sorry that you lost confidence in me, but I don't require the confidence of an apologetic LC professor who stands idly by while his school is overtaken by religious fundamentalists. If I can't use a man's words and his experience as a guidepost for WHO he is, then what can I use? By the way, go ahead and say what you want to about my family and its vices. I promise you: You wouldn't be the first person to judge my family on a public forum. (By the way, that's another thing that gets me. I NEVER said anything negative about his family. He is in a leadership position and deserves the full scrutiny of the public. Also, I OBVIOUSLY care deeply about the future of LC. Why else would I waste my energy and expose myself to attack from those entrenched in his administration?)