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Preach On. Finally, A Reasonable Person Tells It Like It Is: The Many Myths of Increasing Teacher's Pay (Or Why Blanco's Plan Won't Do What It Says It'll Do) I'm not sure what Mr. Wasmer does (Business consultant?) or who he is, but this is one righteous article. Kudos. It's not teacher-bashing to say that test performance has no proven correlation with teacher pay; it's just the truth. This is the same type of thing I used to get mad at when I was in high school here: The School Board, in similar fashion, promised to substantially decrease student violence by enacting a uniform policy. In my opinion, this makes school feel more like an institution (and thus students feel more institutionalized). "If we could only make high school MORE like jail... that would solve all of our problems." Guess what? There is absolutely no proven correlation between student violence and school uniforms. None. In fact, several school shootings have occured in schools with a uniform policy. If anything, uniforms serve to make students feel more alienated and more inhibited and therefore more prone to hate the experience of school. And this isn't just my opinion. It's an opinion held by the people who have actually studied the DATA. I think that Louisiana politics is defined by a tradition that acts first and thinks later. Just because something sounds like it's a great idea doesn't necessarily mean it is a great idea. Back to the teacher pay issue: Do teachers deserve a raise? Sure, many of them do... but a sweeping, indiscriminate pay raise only serves to reward a broken system.