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Occasionally, I like to read these reader's write debates between Christians and atheists, and today's TT features yet another installment of this neverending back and forth. At issue is an article that TT published a few weeks ago about a Harvard study that said prayer wasn't scientifically provable. The study refuted the findings of a seriously flawed Columbia University, which said prayer had an 11% success rate (basically something that ridiculous). Anyway, this guy, Gray Easterling, wrote into complain about how secular the TT is and how it should have never published that story and how the story served no purpose other than to insult the faithful. Blah. Take it like a man, I say. As Mr. Shaw's letter pointed out today, the TT publishes PLENTY of religion-friendly stories. Heck, they even have a Religion Section on Sundays. It's not as if the religious voice is being censored. Geez. The truth is that the story was not the TT's. It was an international news item that was featured in almost all of the major national newspapers and all of the major cable news networks. I think it was an important story, because, at the very least, it has the possibility of convincing one person to seek medical care for an illness or ailment instead of relying solely on prayer.