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Nevermind! I found the information I was looking for concerning Bridgett Brown's connections to this Cleco scandal. Money is being left out on the table, and Lord knows, our community needs to make sure the right lawyers with the right connections can pick it up.

"Council to hear proposal on Cleco Billy Gunn
By Billy Gunn bgunn@thetowntalk.com Alexandria's city attorney today will present a proposal in the city's lawsuit against Cleco Corp., the council president said Thursday. Council President Charles F. Smith Jr. said he didn't know what City Attorney Kelvin Sanders would tell the City Council at a special meeting at 11 a.m. today. Sanders did not return a call seeking comment Thursday. The city's lawsuit leveled many charges of fraud against the utility. It is one of three in which Cleco and Alexandria are entangled. One lawsuit is in state court, one in U.S. District Court, and one is being weighed in both state and federal courts. Last June, Alexandria filed suit in state court alleging a host of fraud charges against Cleco. The lawsuit contained allegations that fall under federal oversight and was promptly sent to U.S. District Court. To represent the city, Sanders appointed four lawyers on a contingency basis who would split 35 percent of any money collected: two Baton Rouge lawyers are under contract to receive 20 percent; Alexandria lawyer Bridgett Brown would get 10 percent. Alexandria lawyer Philip Hunter also was hired for 5 percent of potential awards. But on Dec. 28, Hunter removed himself from the case. A call to Hunter Thursday seeking comment was not returned, and federal court records do not give an explanation. In the most recent lawsuit, Jock Scott represents three former Alexandria officials who have sued the city, claiming wrongful termination. In that lawsuit, divided now in state and federal court, the three men and their wives also claim Alexandria has not demanded an audit with Cleco that would answer how much, if anything, the utility owes city ratepayers. Scott said today's council meeting might be connected to a Jan. 30 hearing in state court in which council members, Mayor Ned Randolph and others are subpoenaed to appear before Judge Harry Randow. "I've had some indications they might be coming around," Scott said. Scott said court proceedings eventually could lead to an examination of transactions between Cleco and the city by "unbiased" auditors who have no financial stake in finding wrongdoing. Also on Thursday, attorneys for two former Cleco employees met with Sanders. Sanders has said that contract would have to be renegotiated. As of Thursday, the contract had not been rewritten." So, let me get this straight: The guys from Cleco, Samsing and Pugh, who came forward with the information will get HALF of the money that Cleco owes our community, and the lawyers will get 35% of the money, 10% of which goes toward Bridgett Brown-- who, I remind everyone, is not in good standing with the Louisiana Secretary of State. Now, let me get out my calculator. 35 plus 50 equals 85 So, our community will get 15% of its money back! If Mrs. Brown truly is a public servant, perhaps she could consider working pro bono. And by the way, isn't she on the England Authority? Doesn't this present a conflict of interest? Geez. This really blows my mind.