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My View: RiverFest Rocks, But JazzFest Rocks Harder In the future, when we're all sitting down and planning these big music and cultural festivals, we need to keep a better eye of what's going on throughout the state. This weekend, Alexandria and Pineville are hosting RiverFest, Lafayette is hosting an International Festival, and New Orleans is hosting JazzFest. I'm sure RiverFest will be successful, even if it rains on Saturday, but I think that in the future, we'll have a better chance of attracting bigger acts and greater attendance if we better coordinate the festival. There are a lot of people here in Central Louisiana who'd love to go to RiverFest... but Bob Dylan's playing in New Orleans today, Dave Matthews is playing tomorrow, and Bruce Springsteen is playing on Sunday. Now I am not arguing that we have a chance of landing an act as big as Dave Matthews (though I met him here in Alexandria three years ago), but because JazzFest can grab the big headliners, they can also grab EVERYONE else in the state. That said, the Tim Turner Band rocks, and they're playing at RiverFest.