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Here are the questions that I sent to Councilman Lawson and Dr. Slatkin. I spoke with both of them today, and they have agreed to send their reply within the week. A quick note: I will enable commenting on their responses; however, I will not allow any personal attacks on the candidates. Comments will be moderated, and I ask that everyone please treat the candidates with the respect that this position deserves.

1. Tell us a little bit about your background. Where are you originally from? Where did you go to school? How long have you lived in Alexandria?
2. What is the number one problem facing Alexandria?
3. What is the single greatest accomplishment of the current City Council?
4. What is the biggest failure of the current City Council?
5. Recently, it was reported that Alexandria is suffering from a lack of skilled workers. What measures will you propose in order to solve this labor problem?
6. How will you (do you) balance your professional career with a political career?
7. It is also well-known that Alexandria suffers from a lack of affordable housing. What measures will you propose in order to solve this housing problem?
8. What is your vision for Downtown Alexandria?
9.There are many people here in Alexandria who must make a choice between paying their utility bill and paying their rent. How do you plan on solving the utilities crisis in Alexandria?
10. Why are you running for office?
11. What will you do differently?
12. What can our community do in order to ensure that Lower Third and South Alexandria are safe and clean?
13. If the city was suddenly awarded with $1 billion, how would you spend that money?
14. Who is your favorite musical artist?
15. Who is your political role model?