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"Anonymous said...

Are we such sheep that none of us is pissed off that Cleco is sticking it to us while giving themselves Millions in bonuses? Damn....I just read the Advocate and this is crap. Why doesnt Alexandria just buy utilities from the lowest bidder. According to the article Cleco is the highest. If they have millions to give to their bigshots then we shouldnt have to pay for it....Where are you Lamarrrrr????

Saturday, April 01, 2006 7:08:32 PM

Anonymous said...

Lamar wouldnt dare criticize the rich elite.

Saturday, April 01, 2006 10:13:33 PM"

I need to read more on this before coming to any conclusions. I can't seem to find the article in the Advocate. (By the way, the link to the Advocate on Cenla Antics is actually directed toward The Advocate Magazine, a gay and lesbian magazine. Kinda funny). The only thing I've read about it was in the TT a couple of days ago, and it stated that they gave $5 million in bonuses, including $2 million to Mr. Eppler. I don't have any problems criticizing the "rich elite," though I think this story has nothing to do with either the rich or the elite. For a company that is about to invest $1 BILLION, $5 million in performance bonuses isn't even worthy of attention. I mean, if they had doled out $100 million, it'd be a different story. However, if Cleco is, in fact, the highest bidder, I agree: We should rethink our agreement. We shouldn't simply go with the lowest price, but at least we should understand what we're paying a premium for. (Like, for instance, a $1 billion dollar investment in the local economy). I am just waiting for the real story on Cleco... and this one just doesn't seem to expose any important issues. Send me the real story. And by the way, if I can't criticize the "rich elite," who's left to criticize?