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Allow me to take a departure into national politics: When I was ten years old, I really liked listening to Rush Limbaugh. I even read one of his books, The Way Things Out To Be, which begins, "By the time you have wisely purchased this book (book for those of you in Rio Linda, California), most critics will have undoubtedly savaged it. In many cases, their reviews will have been written before the book was published. How do I know this? Because I do." It seems like maybe his psychic powers that I admired so much as a ten-year-old were actually drug-induced. So, I'm adding Rush to my mug shot collection, right next to the picture of Tom Delay, because their smiles are so similiar. To me, the basic fact that I identified so closely with Rush AS A TEN-YEAR-OLD speaks volumes about the intellectual depth and worldly sophistication of his "conservative" theories.