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You know you're touching a nerve when people make personal attacks! "Hey..lamar JR...." Hey. Oh! I get it; you put my name in lower case and capitalized JR in order to create emphasis. Well, hey to you, ANONYMOUS. "why dont you run for office yourself or do something more couragous than lecture everyone on here." Well, you have to start somewhere, right? But thanks for lecturing me about "lecturing everyone on here," which, by the way, was not my intention. Perhaps I need to do something more courageous, but I've put my name out there... which is more than you can say for yourself. "It doesnt make you a MAN just because you have no boss, no political vulnerability, no mortgage to have to be concerned about and thus can sign your NAME." I never meant to emasculate anyone, but I need to correct your assertion: I have a boss. Political vulnerability? Obviously I've made myself vulnerable to anonymous attacks from people in government. And how on earth do you know I don't have a mortgage to pay? You're making assumptions about something you know nothing about. "See, those of us who don't inherit our wealth and substinance have to be careful who we piss off lest we be without a pay check or have a landfill put in our back yard." That way of thinking is self-defeating. Maybe you have a good reason to be scared of sharing your opinions in an honest forum, but ultimately, you're wasting your time. Also, I've worked hard for everything that I have. My family provided me with opportunity, no doubt, but I hardly see how my finances are a part of any discussion concerning the Alexandria government. But you're probably right: wealthy people are NEVER persecuted for their beliefs. "So , when you grow some hair on your chest and have to earn a living without the WHITE name come back and give us some of your self righteous wisdom." You want me to move away and change my name? Well, I lived in Houston for the past five years, and believe me, my last name doesn't mean anything to people over there. And honestly, my last name has little to do with the real issues we should be discussing. It's sad to me that you'd label my opinions as "self-righteous wisdom" without even addressing their substance. This is one of the reasons Alexandria has such a hard time keeping motivated, intelligent young people: If they dare to speak out, they're immediately met with resistance by those whose lives are completely entrenched in a system in desperate need of reform. Rather than listen, they make baseless personal accusations. "We know who you are and all the reasons why we need to treat you with kid gloves but lighten up." Kid gloves? There's no reason to be afraid of being honest with me. I'm just as capable of defending myself as anyone else is (except, of course, if you meant kid gloves literally, in which case, yeah, I'm not a very good boxer at all). And just so you know, I'm in a great mood.