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W & G news: We've been steadily working on the W & G conversion project, and things are coming into place. However, it remains to be seen if there is a luxury loft market in Alexandria. If there is one, even if it's tiny, well, this will work out. My personal experience tells me that there are a number of people who would live downtown, despite conventional wisdom, and that these individuals would be more prone to loft-living than apartment-living. Also, I don't think the current political climate affects this market as much as people would like to believe. Sure, an argument can be made that if the council goes in the wrong direction with the city, individuals who are "on the fence" about downtown would be less likely to move there. But the first project won't appeal to many people who are on the fence; it'll primarily appeal to the diehards and the out-of-towners and people who want to live in an urban setting. Share your thoughts.