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To blog or not to blog: Dear Readers, I created this blog in order to share my experience of living in Central Louisiana. Last September, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I moved back to Alexandria after five years in Houston. Although Alexandria is my hometown, I am somewhat ignorant of the local political climate. I moved away before the "new" City Council was elected, so my perspective is very different. The purpose of this blog is to open up a dialogue about the state of local affairs. I attempt to shy away from the petty issues; however, I have little patience for lies and obvious political manuevering. When I post information from outside sources, like the document I linked earlier, I am simply sharing knowledge that already exists in the public domain. I am not attempting to personally vilify anyone. In these instances, I am simply posing a question. I hope that readers will understand that this fulfills the basic definition of a "blog." I recognize that many people are fed up with the way government is being operated, and I invite and appreciate their comments, suggestions, and advice. I also understand that Alexandria is a small city, and for this reason, it is important to choose our words wisely. But I refuse to shy away from seeking the truth and finding a common ground. If anonymous individuals want to continue sending me threatening e-mails, then they should probably know that I am flattered they're reading. You're not scaring me, because you just don't get what I'm trying to do. Unlike many people engaged in this debate, I am not on the government's payroll, and I only have one agenda: to promote a better, safer, and healthier Central Louisiana. Sometimes, this may require me to write about controversial issues. Sometimes, it may require a little detective work. I'm not working on this project because I am seeking office; I'm working on it because I think it's interesting. If you want to disagree with me, that's perfectly fine. Feel free to send me an e-mail or give me a phone call. Discussion is critical. When you're too busy attacking people, you'll never be able to bring them to the table. Rock on, Lamar