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Scarlett said... Huh???? That was hard to follow! I totally agree with the perception of Sams. All I ever hear about him is that he is ugly to people. That usually indicates an ugly person....period. My vote is for Delores! She is a very intelligent woman and has the capacity to research whatever she doesn't understand. At least she is honest enough to admit it when she doesn't know something. Sunday, March 19, 2006 10:36:57 PM I'm going to throw my two cents in: I've known the Sams family for most of my life. We attended the same church, and his kids are around my age. I think his kids are interesting, nice people, and my experience of the doctor has always been positive. However, I agree with Scarlett; Dr. Sams is, for whatever reason, a divisive figure, and I'm not sure he's running for the right position. I believe Dr. Sams may be better fit in another role, and unless he is able to prove his willingness to create synergies between our white and black communities and to execute a coherent and balanced vision for our future, I won't be voting for him. His whole campaign is actually kind of weird to me. We haven't heard much about where he stands, who he is, and what he believes in, yet he's doing door-to-door campaigning like crazy. Why is he suddenly so silent about his platform? And do all these people with his sign in their front lawns know something that we don't? Or are they just friends and family members who blindly support anyone they know or are loosely acquainted with? Like I said before, I've known the Sams family for most of my life, and maybe I'm just naive and uninformed, but even I don't know what he stands for. However, I do know that he's a Republican, and that because Delores Brewer is also running, it will probably be very difficult for both of them. But this is definitely going to be interesting.