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Point/Counterpoint: "Scarlett, if you think that he is going to unload/develope (sp) the downtown Weiss & Goldring building for a "gift certificate" then he is not the naive one here. Watch the Silver/Lawson connection. Harry is Myron's man and that's what he is doing there." - Anonymous This is a bizarrely conspiratorial take on the situation. Until last week, I honestly had no idea how political this building truly is. The reason I am involved is because Horatio Isadore, owner of House of Java and a longtime friend of mine, asked me to take a look at it. Plain and simple. I am interested in this building because I think it is critical for downtown revitalization plans, and I'd like to see Alexandria's downtown realize its potential. It's going to be tremendously difficult to realize a profit on this building, which is why it's been vacant for so many years. However, I think that with the right people behind the project, it can work. Individuals, like this anonymous reader, continue to misread the connections, somehow preferring to believe that everyone has their own selfish machinations, rather than believe that there are good people out there who really want what is best for their city. And this is what makes it so hard for people like myself. I don't have anything to prove to anyone. If you think that this is all a political stunt, then I'll be less inclined to invest in downtown... and I'll spend my energy working on projects in better markets. I have a feeling that other developers feel the same way. Politics is crushing privately-funded progress, because those in power believe they "control" downtown. But it's obvious that their control and their vision of downtown severely misses the mark, and perhaps that is one of the reasons the downtown economy continues to falter. But I enjoy your strange conspiracy theory. At least it is entertaining. It's just ashame that you haven't done your research.