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My response to the Cenla Antics Blog: Dear Anonymous Posters Obviously Associated and Disgruntled with Alexandria Government, I discovered this little sounding board today, and I believe it serves a good purpose. I've uncovered some outstanding commentary here. However, as far as I can tell, this post marks the first time in which the writer uses his REAL name. Of course, anonymity allows many of you the ability to write unsubstantiated gossip and mean-spirited attacks against people who cannot defend themselves because this forum isn't exactly the most well-known website in the world. To those people, you're simply pathetic. All of you. Regardless of political persuasion. Regardless of the intention of your claims. If you really care about the state of affairs and if you're really serious about the issues you espouse, then you should have no problem with putting your name next to your opinion. Also, to those of you who are obviously posting from the back offices of City Hall, ladies and gentlemen, your IP addresses can be directly traced. Recently, staffers from both Republican and Democratic Senators offices were exposed as contributors of self-serving content on Wikipedia. If you're using one of Uncle Sam's computers to post slander, even under the shroud of anonymity, you're putting yourself and your boss at risk. I think that most of you really want to see positive change occur in Alexandria, and I share a similar vision. But the only way this will ever occur is if we decide to have enough courage to stand up and speak out. It may be risky to say unpopular things (and I know Alexandria is a small town), but you're accomplishing nothing if you continue to fear the implications of your own beliefs. I agree with much of what has been said here: The local government's composed of a bunch of good ol' boys (and these boys are both black and white), our tax dollars are being wasted on dumb projects, and our government has no concept of how to prioritize. If you share these beliefs, speak out. Cynthia Jardon at The Town Talk will publish your letters. The problem with the paper isn't due to an unwillingness to publish the truth; it's because most people in Alexandria with an opinion, like those in this blog, are simply unwilling to put their money where their mouth is. So please people, share your knowledge with the entire community. Get up. Stand up. Lamar White, Jr. lamarw@gmail.com cenlamar.blogspot.com