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From Wikipedia.com:

Local Attractions

Since 1908 Alexandria has enjoyed the luxurious Hotel Bentley which was built by a wealthy lumberman named Joseph A. Bentley. This grand hotel is known for it's decor, fine dining, and superb accommodations. It's placement next to the Red River and it's status as a historical Louisiana landmark have been the major attraction of the guests who enjoy the experience of staying there. Alexandria is also home to one of the finest authentic Irish pubs in the region, the appropriately named Finnegans Wake. As soon as you open the door you immediately know you have arrived somewhere special. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are what set this pub apart and above the others. The wide selection of imported beer you'll find on draft here are just as much of an attraction as the friendly patrons awaiting you inside. Its location is also ideal as it sits on 3rd street right across from the historic Hotel Bentley. The Coughlin-Saunders Performing Arts Center also resides nearby. This state of the art theater opened in 2004 and seats 615 people. The center was designed to host artists as well as companies, businesses, schools, and anyone who needs a facility that can provide these kinds of accommodations.

Obviously, Finnegan's Wake has some fans.