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Blowing Smoke: Anonymous said... Tells us a lot that Lamar lectured us all on posting anonomously yet he has posted at least 4 times including the last 2 advertising his blog sight (sp) This is a total and complete fabrication. I have never and will never post anonymously. ....see there is a way to see the IP address of the poster and I just pulled it up....Nice try LEMAR! Please supply this information. You're claiming to have definitive proof....well, show me. (What is particularly interesting is that I post from different computers in different locations, so it'd be impossible to isolate one IP address for me). You're a liar, and you're attempting to discredit my opinion by misrepresenting my intentions. I don't need to advertise. You're advertising for me. Wednesday, March 22, 2006 1:43:47 PM