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Another strange anonymous post on Cenla Antics and my response: "Lamar, and the rest of you for that matter: We can all write eloquent crap on this blog or even in the TT, but it does not matter." I beg to differ, but you are more than entitled to feeling that the articulation and explanation of one's beliefs are, somehow, politically impotent. It's a strangely self-defeating belief, and I find that it is contrary to the ways in which political power is attained. Sure, money helps, and it's commonly argued that a candidate with the most money usually wins. However, this argument, believe it or not, does not hold up under scrutiny. Money helps, but first and foremost, one's words speak loudest. "Only power matters." Again, in order to make your argument logical, you'd have to believe that words don't matter. And you're telling me I should run... so obviously you feel that my words are somehow powerful. Maybe. "The power to bring honesty to City government can only be obtained if you step up and get elected." I'm 23. I walk with a limp. And some people just don't like the idea of me. I think I'll pass. For now. "Lamar, step up to the plate or simply return to oblivion and watch your City burn." You mean burn again? We already burned to the ground during the Civil War. And you know what? I am doing what I can do to "step up to the plate." I'm sorry you feel differently, but like I said before, I think I can affect more change elsewhere. "If you really care, run against the serpent and make a difference." I appreciate your endorsement, but I hardly see why I have to run for office in order to prove that I really care. That's just a backhanded way of calling me a coward. Although I hate to harp on the same point over and over again, I'm the one who signed his name to his opinion. I appreciate the suggestions, ANONYMOUS.