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"Anonymous said... Lamar, you better work on your ability to judge character or you will be just another contractor in the back pocket. Try to decipher those who have the City's best interest at heart vs. those who have only their own financial and power building interest at heart. Your young, I guess its O.K. to be snookered every now and then. Just don't let them drag you into their web where you will surely be ensnarled and lost forever. Saturday, March 18, 2006 2:32:07 PM" Thank you for this advice. I know that I need to be more cautious about the words I choose, and I definitely need to be better informed about what happened in Alexandria while I was living in Houston. Remember, I only moved back seven months ago, so I'm still learning about the poltical climate. I appreciate your words of encouragement, and I'll try to be prepared for this type of powerbrokering.