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And a former City Councilman seconds me: Rick Ranson said... Bravo to you, Lamar. I was reminded of this blog a few days ago and decided to check it out tonight. It is fortuitous that you made your comments tonight. You are 100% correct. It is time for people to stand up for what is right. If you operate in the shadows hidden by anonymity, you will never win. You must be willing to stand on your convictions. Sometimes that means people will say bad things about you (true or untrue). But that's the price one must be willing to pay if they truly want to make a difference. Lip service is not enough. Some of the comments I have read are very profound and very correct. Unfortunately, unless they are accompanied by the name of a person who is willing to stand behind them, they are worthless. When I was on the City Council, my policy was to respond to 100% of the calls I received from folks who left contact information. I responded to 0% of the anonymous mailings and messages I received. Thanks for taking a stand and I am proud to be the second person willing to use their real name. By the way, if you think this is a fake message, call me and we can discuss it. But, remember, use your real name. Rick Ranson Lamar here: While I really appreciate Mr. Ranson's willingness to jump on board the honesty train, I can't believe that members of this forum were more concerned with his presence than they were of his opinion. The responses weren't about what he said, they were about why he resigned. It's almost like they were star-struck. I could say more about the impotence of their obsessions, but they continue to post anonymously. Thus, they are THE problem: their jobs rely on the city, and they know more about its innerworkings than anyone... but because they're milking from it, they dare not tell the truth... unless it's anonymously and on the Internet really late at night.